How can you be sure your engagement ring is of the highest quality?

Buying an engagement ring might be the first time you’ve ever purchased jewellery. It may be the most money you ever spend on precious metals, gems or diamonds, so it can be forgiven if you question the authenticity and quality of your chosen ring.

Most of us will be aware of the standard marks on gold and silver but as Arabel Lebrusan bridal jewellery is sourced through fair trade and ethical means, how can you be sure we are giving you what you have paid for?

When you purchase jewellery by Arabel Lebrusan, you’ll receive the following:

Diamonds: If the ring’s diamonds are greater than 0.3ct then we’ll provide a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or similar.

Fair-trade Gold: Our ethical stance on where our materials come from extends to providing you with evidence. The Assay Office in London stamps our fair trade gold, certificating that the item is made with fair trade gold.

Limited edition pieces: We engrave all our limited edition jewellery items with consecutive numbers such as 1/25, 2/25, 3/25, and so on.

Bespoke Items: These items are certified with a design certificate from Arabel Lebrusan, assuring you that your ring is a truly original design, made just for you.

Arabel Lebrusan Fair Trade Certificate & GIA Diamond Certificate
Our limited edition Foliage Light Blue Sapphire engagement ring, with edition number and Assay Office hallmark.

We believe that jewellery need not cost the earth and our certification proves that the precious metals, gems and diamonds we use to create that engagement ring for your loved one is exactly what we say it is.

To find out more, visit our fair trade and ethical jewellery guide, to see our ethical engagement rings visit our dedicated gallery, or simply get in touch.