How to buy a unique and ethical engagement ring

After lots of searching, discussions and browsing you and your partner have decided to go down the ethical route. The path that takes you down the wonderful journey of unique, handcrafted and Fairtrade rings. However, once you have picked the piece of jewellery to signify your union and future together, how do you know it is what it says it is? There are lots of companies supposing to be environmentally conscious and ethical but they can’t back it up with evidence.

At Arabel Lebrusan it is an essential part of our process to provide you with written evidence and assurances that the ring you are buying is not only excellent quality, but certified Fairtrade and ethically sourced. We manage every part of the manufacturing process, we know who engraved your ring, who set the stones and what time of the day they did it!



Our diamonds arrive to us with a certificate detailing their history from where it was mined and by who, all the way to our studio. Our large diamonds are sourced from a conflict-free mine in Canada and our smaller pieces are traceable African diamonds. You’ll know as much about your diamonds past as we do! Arabel uses trusted suppliers she known for years, plus she’s a certified gemmologist, so not only will your diamond have maximum sparkle, it will have high ethical standards.



Arabel goes personally to visit our gem supplier to choose only the finest gemstones to create your wedding jewellery. These stones are ethical, traceable and sourced by Rubyfair and Fair Trade Gemstones. For example, our beautiful rubies come from Tanzania, and like all our gems you will receive written proof with purchase of your gems past.

Our Limited Edition Gems come with a certificate proving your ring is only 1 out of 25 ever to be made, and it’s even marked with an engraving on the inside. Truly unique and personal.


Wedding bands

We use Fairtrade Certified 18ct Gold exclusively for our bridal pieces. Jewellery with the Fairtrade gold stamp, like your ring, is extra special. Your certificate means you know the small-scale and artisanal miners were paid a fair price, giving them financial security. They also receive an extra amount of money to invest in building the future of their families and their communities, through education, medical care or environmental projects. A ring that’s beautiful inside and out!


Ethical earrings

We are told who what when and where with each piece of recycled material we receive straight from our UK master Jewellers. Whether you choose gold or platinum, you can wear your stunning ring knowing you helped decrease the global demand of newly mined metals and the environmentally and socially destructive effects of dirty gold and other metal mining practices. Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation in quality; they are a naturally renewable resource! (Plus it makes beautiful jewellery!)

We take our title as Fairtrade Gold supplier very seriously and strive to be a transparent company that provides you with all the information you need when buying such an important piece of jewellery. We personally manage the quality control process, we ensure everything we give to our customers is made from the best materials available and handcrafted with love to provide you with the perfect ring.