What to wear in your hair on your wedding day

Getting your bridal hair right can involve a lot of work. Various hairdressers trying various styles, whole afternoons having fun with your bridal party just so you can find the one perfect for you and your wedding. But choosing your hairstyle might just be the beginning as adding some bridal hair jewellery can really pull your look together in a way you may not have imagined.

There are a wide range of jewellery ideas perfect for bridal hair pieces, from tiaras to clips and combs but how can you be sure the right one will work for you, whatever your style of hair or dress?


Deciding whether you want to have our hair up or down is just the start, as each choice will open up many more options. For example if you’re having your hair up, will you have a bun, braids or a knot? Whatever you decide, up, down or even half up and down, there are jewels to match the style you choose, such as:

  • Hair up in a bun: use a bun clip, or tiaras for a sophisticated style
  • Hair down: small clips or a tiara can create a boho chic, hippy style
  • Half up: go for some diamond clips for that classic style
  • If you’re planning on plaits or other hair work: small clips around the plaits will add extra detail

Of course your hair and the potential hair jewellery may look stunning just by themselves but you need to be sure they work well together. Look at the different jewels in your hair from various angles. When you chose your wedding dress you will most likely have spent a long time looking at it on you from each side, you should do the same with your hair. The size and shape of your headpiece will determine how it looks from a distance. Various patterns or an asymmetrical style will stand out more than one with a uniform size throughout. Be prepared to find that the jewels you thought would work just don’t seem right once you’ve put them in, or the ones you weren’t sure of make everything perfect.


Colour will play an important role in your wedding and your hair jewellery can help accentuate your chosen colour, and also complement the colour of your wedding dress. Exposed metal and various precious stones, beads or pearls can work to match your wedding dresses beadwork or style.

Your hairdresser will also be able to work with you to help you decide on the right bridal jewellery and where it should be placed. Work with them to try on different styles of jewel and where it sits on your head. Positioning can affect the style, be it a large bridal hairpiece like a tiara or a smaller hair clip or pin.

As with everything else on your wedding day, your accessories, including your hair jewellery, should enhance and complement your chosen wedding style, not distract from it. You may fall in love with that beautiful tiara but does it work with your veil? What about those clips, do they match the colour of your dress’ bead work? Whatever you decide, take you time and, most of all, have fun trying different things on to find the perfect bridal hair jewellery for you.

And last of all, don’t forget that these special hair pieces you buy for your wedding day can also make stunning additions to future outfits to remind you of your wedding day, and importantly beautiful heirlooms to be passed down by generations to come.

Arabel Lebrusan and Tessara have created a collection of tiaras and hairpieces to enhance the beauty of any bride on their wedding day. Inspired by the delicacy of nature and natural shapes such as flowers and leaves, each piece is handmade in sterling silver and promise to perfect any bridal ensemble. You can see the full collection at our bridal hair jewellery page.

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