When things don’t work out, what can you do with your wedding jewellery?

It’s a difficult subject, and one filled with emotion, but if your engagement or marriage comes to and end, what options do you have for your jewellery?

Receiving an engagement ring, or choosing your wedding ring is one of the happiest moments of many people’s lives. However things can change and what was once a symbol of love and happiness can be a painful reminder of a past relationship.

So what options do you have for your engagement and wedding jewellery to reimagine its purpose and meaning?

Sell them: The first option is you can sell them. This is of course a popular choice. Be mindful thought that the financial value of your rings will not be the same, and you’re not likely to get a good return.

Remake them into something else: Another option, and one that is growing in popularity, is to give the ring a whole new meaning. Your rings can be redesigned using the same precious metals and stones into something brand new. Another ring, a pair of earrings, or perhaps incorporated into a necklace. This can have a cleansing effect and give them a whole new meaning. They can become a symbol of a new start in your life.

A beautiful ring made from engagement ring stones and additional new diamonds.
A beautiful bespoke ring made from engagement ring stones and additional new diamonds.

Corinne had her engagement ring and other pieces transformed into a beautiful cocktail ring, removing the emotional attachment and transforming the stones into something new and luxurious for herself, bringing new meaning to the stones and representing a new chapter of her life.

The team at Arabel Lebrusan will be able to speak with you about the options above, we can value your rings so you know how much they are worth before you make a decision, and also work with you every step of the way, should you decide to go ahead with a redesign.

Have a look at Arabel’s website to see how we can help you re-imagine your jewellery into something new.